白石康次郎は11月6日に始まる Vendee Globe 本番にむけて作業を開始しました。

Kojiro Shiraishi started his new activities for the Vendee Globe 2016~2017 on Nov.6 2016.

Send off party for Kojiro Shiraishi at Tokyo. Japan on Sep.30 2016.


Brought about 500 people, A send off party for Kojiro Shiraishi going to the 8th Vendee Globe had been held on Sep.30 2016 at Happouen Hotel in Tokyo.


This party showed how Kojiro's human relationships are huge. No politicians, no super executives, but people to whom he was indebted in his life were invited from various fields. 

Kojiro said "It is miracle for me to compete in the vebdee Globe. Definitely I said on a rally at here in the last Autumn that I shall go to the Vendee Globe, but I had no money at that time. However people who are supporting me invested, and I could got a boat on April. Every skipper said 'How come ! I spend two years to prepare a boat, but you have only three months ! '

I did every thing to launch my boat in only three weeks due to compete the New York Vendee that was a prerequisite race and an important race for me to get certification to compete the Vendee Globe. I got it, it's miracle I could do every thing to do in a such short term."

It was lonely to leave from Concarneau to New York for the New York Vendee with an old heavy sails, despite his handicap, he took a place as 7th of 14 with 12 days 1 hour 21 minutes 40 seconds and qualified the certification of the Vendee Globe. During this New York Vendee, in spite of 5 boats collapsed after collisions with UFO, a Kojiro's boat kept out a collision and sailed out. He was with a good luck. 

After this race, a lot of people recognized and were respecting him in a Seam Vendee.

In those backgrounds a lot of people applauded him and sent off him to the 8th Vendee Globe.








Photo by Yoichi Yabe.

His sponsors exhibits

"AMAZAKI." This is a non-alcohol drink made with only "KOOJI" which means one of enzymes to make a rice to be a soft drink .


A rice cake named " OTABE" rapped with a paper of Kojiro's boat design, 



"KODEN" A company of Marine Equipment like GPS Plotter Sonar and etc.  

"HELLY HANSEN" Sailing ware.

記事:Watson Courtier Oct.1st 2016.


Helico View !! Kojiro Shiraishi's Powerful "Spirit of Yukoh" on Sep. 24 2016.

力強い白石康次郎のボートIMOCA60 ”Spirit of Yukoh"の空映写真です。2016年9月24日  Photo by Yoichi Yabe

Looking forward !! Real Kojiro's boat, Spirit of Yukoh Ⅳ.

待ちに待った、白石康次郎「Spirit of Yukoh」の雄姿です。この姿が見たかったのです。他の艇に引けを取りません。


Photo by Yoichi Yabe.


Under Test Sailing with Camera Crews of Japanese TV. on Sep.16 2016. and Mast Climbing Exercise has been done. Expected new main sail that was looked forward expanded on a main mast and Kojiro got certification from IMOCA on Sep.22 2016.


Photo by Youichi Yabe.

On 14th Sep. 2016, 8th Vendee Globe Press Conference has been held at French Stock Exchange. The Feature of Pictures related Kojiro Shiraishi.




Got the Mast rail and rigged the mast on the boat on Sep.1 2016. The model of the Boat was completed and jointed a briefing at Le Sable d'Olonne and met all the skippers. on Sep.9 2016.




白石康次郎は8月7日、日本を立ち、フランスのコンカルノー(彼のベースキャンプ)に戻りました。その後の準備作業の様子です。まず、船の塗装が終わり、マストをSafranのヤードへ入れて整備。ウィンチを外して整備。知人を訪ねる。食料の買いだめ。8月22日現在まだマストは立ちません。レ・サーブル・ドオロヌはすでにVendee Globe 一色だそうです。

Kojiro Shiraishi has been come back to Cocarneau in France (his base camp) on Aug.7. From there to here, his acts to proceed to complete his boat are lined up. Boat painted, picked up the mast and in the yard of Safran, winches brushed up, supplied stuffs, met friends and got gifts as Vendee Globe goods in Les Sables d'Olonne which be under a mood of Vendee Globe..

as of Aug. 22 2016. Watson Courtier.


マストが来ない、もう3週間になります。白石康次郎の心にはさざ波が立ちました。日本を発つ前、尊敬する仙台の慈眼寺住職、大阿闍梨、塩沼亮潤さんに会いました。日本の修験道1300年の歴史の中で、2人しかいない「大峯千日回峰行」と「四無業」を萬行された方です。白石康次郎への助言は「イライラしないことです」と言われました。この話を思い出しながら夕暮れにたたずむ「Spirit of Yukoh」を見ています。

Missing Mast, Kojiro Shiraishi  is waiting it for three weeks. Only in his mind, he get some irritated. Before Kojiro left Japan, he met Ryojun Shionuma, the Buddhist priest of Jigennji temple at Sendai City. He is the one of only two who had completed ascetic practices in the history along with 1300 years of "Japanese Syugenndou,which is combined by Buddhism & Shintoism with ancient mountain workship" as "Oomine-sennnichi-kaihougyou, " meaning that walking 48 kilo meters a day long 1000 days around the Oominesan mountain at Nara prefecture, (middle of Japan.) and " Shimugyou," that no eating, no sleeping, no laying, no drinking long nine days. He suggested Kojiro that let you keep a mind in the plain, Kojiro is reminding this words, and looking at "Spirit of Yukoh" under sunset.

as of Aug.23 2016. Watson Courtier.



Kojiro continues to repair the boat with carbon materials and is keeping a training for the Day and the mind plainly with IAI (one of Japanese fencing styles)  as of 24 Aug. 2016.


Courtier Co.,Ltd.は2016年7月21日、 かねてより要請していた、日本における "”  掲載記事の日本語翻訳並びに当web-site, sail-vg.comにおいて掲載する許可を正式に

45 Boulevard des Etats Unis-BP206 85005 La Roche-sur-yon Cedex, the Vendee Globe "SEAM VENDEE" CEO Mr.Laura Le Goff より文書で得ました。


Courtier Co.,Ltd. got the authorization to rewrite in Japanese the English articles and their illustrations in their web-site "" and to put them on our site "" with Vendee's official Logo including the Logos of 4 Official Sponcers during the Race period of the Vendee Globe 2016-2017. SEAM VENDEE CEO Mr. Laura Le Goff gave us this permission on July  21 2016. According to this terms, we ought to show that all Vendee Globe related articles and illustrations are from "" and all copyright kept by SEAM VENDEE, and copyright of articles translated in Japanese kept by Courtier Company. Anyone not use them without our permission.

Keel Inspection.


Vendee Officialによる検査のためキールの取り外しが始まりました。6月21日

Pulling the keel off the boat is the one of key inspaction items for the qualification of the Vendee Globe 2016~2017. Thai is starting. It's too much big size.

as of June 21. Reported by Kojiro Shiraishi.


2008年世代のIMOCA60艇がレースの中で競うであろうと予測しています。Conrad Colemanと白石康次郎は6月17日現在、まだ公式に登録されていませんが、かなり好意的に書かれています。写真をクリックして翻訳記事をお読みください。


The Vendee Globe Official's articles as of June 17 has been translated.

2008 Generation Boats will be in a race within the Vendee Race is a title of the article. As of June 17, Conrad Colman and Kojiro Shiraishi has not been registrated yet, however the article is favorable for him.

Pleas read the English original and translated in Japanese article with clicking on a surface of a photo.


Translated by Watson Courtier as of June 17.


A boat inspection started on June 17.

Yesterday (June 17), We measured our boat according to the request of the Vendee official. This boat is the IMOCA60, and this activity is like a car's inspection. It's very hard to pass this insapaction in order for the boat to be qualified as the vendee globe standerd as a performance and safety.

A new boat should be tested by a 180 degree inspection pulling the boat upright. I experienced a same test on the Open 40. This boat had the same inspaction on a launch but for the Vendee Globe 2016-2017, the official requested  once more incliding other inspaction items as a waight of a water heater (jet boil).

The boat was pulled up by a crane with a measure, probably our boat waight is 8700kg instead the latest boats will be lighter one tone than our boat. And a stability test made the boat a 180 degree pulling down and upright. 

After every thing will be cleared, we will make an application to the IMOCA60 official and send it. In a same case, if some one had not qualified this test, a team withdrew.


Anyway, the Spirit of Yukoh Ⅳ which was running very well will be under inspection and reinforced for a while. We will pull out a mast and keel and test those with authorities. We will organize the boat with our experiences by trial and error.

We can't do the every thing as a big team because of our budget reason, we shold watch the priority and decide what should be done or not, it's very important.

We will shape up our boat to be very well toward the Vendee Globe on November in this Autumn. Please give us your same supports and keep same sympathies for us.

Thank Spirit of Yukoh for your well running.

Take it easy for a while.


With my appreciation.

Kojiro Shiraishi

as of June 18. 2016


Translated by Watson Courtier as of June 18.  



Boat apperarance design started on June 16.

次の画像結果: 高山正樹、デザイナー次の画像結果: 高山正樹、デザイナー

Mr.Masaki Takayama, a japanese designer camed here from Japan. He had designed Kojiro's boat appearance past two times. As a same generation with me, I asked him to design as 3rd boat.

Usually he used a bule color on a surface of the white. Instead, in this time, I asked him using the silver color.

We have some limitations as a term and a budget, and there are many differences in sponsors each shape of logo, under those conditions, he is making up a beautiful design with reflecting the theme and balanceing.  In other word, he is one of top designers.

A detail has not been fixed yet, we couldn't show you now, but please wait with amusing. I expecte his design too. 


Kojiro Shiraishi


as of June 16

Translated by Watson Courtier.







Kojiro Shirasihi has come back to the port of Concarneau (Base Camp) on June 16.

Reported by Mrs. M. Kanda in France)

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