What is Vendee Globe?


What is Vendee Globe?

Vendee Globe 2016~2017. Presentation.

Vendee Globe の公式プレゼンテーションは現在フランス語と英語版しかありません。この日本語に翻訳版です。

The Vendee Globe 2016~2017 Presentation was translated into Japanese. 

 Translated by Watson Courtier Yokohama Japan. (as of July.9 2016.)


©All original copy right reserved by The Vendee Globe Committee.

Vendee Globeの厳しい掟。



歴史はバンデグローブの理解を助けます。1989年-1990年の第一回目では転覆した船を救助に行く第2位のLada Poch号のビデオもご覧いただけます。第7回までに136名が参加、完走はわずか70名、2名の死者まで出しています。その厳しい掟と歴史が翻訳されています。

The history of Vendee Globe will help your understanding. 1989-1990 1st race has been translated. You can view a video in which 2nd winner Lago Poch rescued Fleury Michon X. Since 1st to previous 7th, 136 competitors, only 70 completed runners, and losted 2 skippers. Those number showed the toughness and hardness of the race. The Rule and History were translated.

(Translated by Watson Coulteir. as of July 9.2016)




 Vendee's this year's new regulation for a Boat.

A big news was a permission that Foil Boat can run. Vendee Official's note on Vendee's HP was that the boats from the previous generation have been fine-tuned and developed and are more reliable for the moment, meaning they are in with a good chance too.

(Translated by Watson Courtier as of July 9.2016)

Next, let's view an official home page of the Vendee Globe 2016.

Vendee Globe 2016 の公式ホームページ。

The souce "www.vendeeglobe.org",i.e.”This document is copied from the Official Vendee Globe website. All rights reaerved.

Foil Boat Permitted in this year.


Vendee's Foil daggerboards boat."SAFRAN."




★This year's new regulation permitted a Foil Boat .

A big news is a permission that Foil Boat can run.  You can see a foil boat which was running with foils by clicking a picture above.

(Translated by Watson Courtier as of July 9. 2016) 

the IMOCA 60 non foil boat running on a rough sea surface. 

伝統的なNon Foil艇が荒れた海でセイリング中の様子を上のビデオでご覧ください。

伝統的なNon Foil IMOCA60は30ノットを超えてセーリングできます。フォイル艇がこの高波の中でどれだけの効果を出せるかが未知数とすれば、伝統的な艇への信頼性は高いというVendee Official の説明もうなづけます。実際にニューヨークバンディーで衝突事故を起こしたのはフォイル艇でした。

Look at a traditional boat running on a rough sea surface without a foil with clicking a picture above.

She can run more than 30 knots. As well as what difference trditional boat has against which with  foils, it's unknown what an effect a foil boat can achive, so we can agree the official's comment for a reliability of traditional boats. In fact, collision boats in the New York-Vendee were Foil Boats.



We can say Vendee Globe is the name as same as "The Around Antarctica Alone Nonstop RACE." We can suppose it's tough.  About 75% of all distance is the doldrums and the rough sea of the Antarctic Ocean.