Les Sables d'Olonne港に接近する Maitre Coq 艇の姿がヘリコプターからとらえられました。あと1時間でフィニッシュです。


Maitre Coq, Jeremie Beyou arrives at Les Sables d'Olonne port. (Heloco view)


as of June 8th: Japan time 20:00, French Time 13:00



New York Vendee Race start on May 29. 2016

Filmed by Stuart J. Raine


This start scene shows the Kojiro's Motto as " Keep safty for the boat & myself, that is important. The main goal on this race is to finish and get a qualificaion spot to the vendee Globe, not to risk anything to finish in a bood position."

Racestarted on May 29. 2016

This Video was updated as of June 3.

New York Vendee Video News


Let's look at Movies incliding a Kojiro's Interview scene.